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Week ending date + Hours Worked to Payroll Summary Report

The 'Payroll Summary' report is missing two major details. Week ending date - the date showing at the top of the report should be the week ending date not the payment date. This is important for reporting and review purposes. Hours worked. This is...
10 months ago in Reckon One / Payroll 2 New idea

add hours, sick & annual leaves & employee no to payroll summary & pays reports

No description provided
3 months ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 New idea

Leave accruals need to be visible in payrun

When entering a pay run we cannot see Annual leave accruals, Personal leave accruals or RDO accruals. Why has this function been removed from Reckon One payroll?
8 months ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 0 In development

Document attachments to bank transactions

When you are in bank transactions, you need to save the transaction, then go into Reckon transactions, find the transaction and then attach the document. It would be logical to be able to attach the document to the transaction in the initial stage...
about 2 months ago in Reckon One / Banking 0 New idea

Remove "Description is set to" box when creating transaction rules

The "Description is set to" box should be removed from the process of creating a banking transaction rule as I believe any transaction information brought in via bank feeds should be left as is. Some of the information protentially lost if you set...
17 days ago in Reckon One / Banking 0 New idea

The columns in estimate temple needs to be able to be more flexible for email/print.

Printed or emailed formats of estimate are very "un presentable" and not professional. It creates very bad impression about the proposal/quotation. I have been using Accounts hosted and used to change layout to suit to make it nice and presentable.
18 days ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Sort order Trial Balance

P & L and Balance Sheet have an option to be sorted by account names. Trial Balance does not have this option. Many clients do not use account numbers/codes so P&L and Balance Sheet are sorted by in their respective groups. (i.e. Income, e...
4 months ago in Reckon One / Reports 2 New idea

Edit Payslip email message

Could the ability to add a message to the covering email for payslips be made available? This was something we used in Payroll Premier.
6 months ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 New idea

Bulk Viewing and Bulk Printing of Payslips

We require payslips to be viewed in bulk for payrun approval. We also require payslips to be printed and it takes significant time to view and print each payslip individually.
5 months ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 0 Planning to do


Detailed payroll report needs to overall totals. In Reckon Hosted we had a detailed report that totalled by catergory overall for the entire payrun not just per each employee. The payroll summary report is not detailed enough to cover this as it h...
5 months ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 0 New idea