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Enable a report for all the payroll items

No description provided
24 days ago in Reckon One / Reports 1 New idea

Super Contributions Report - Grand Total required

It would be useful to have have totals on the Super Contributions report rather than having to manually add the totals which is more prone to error.
5 months ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 3 New idea

When downloading report in excel format, numbers should be in number format.

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about 1 month ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Leave Balances Notification

PLEASE make the system advise if employee will go into a negative balance when inputting leave. Currently I have to check every single person manually before putting in their leave. Old system would provide a warning, which you could then override...
18 days ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 0 New idea

Payroll reports sort by last name

Need to be able to view reports and select to be sorted by either employee first or last name. Currently only is sorted by First name
5 months ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 0 New idea

Adding totals to reports i.e Super Contribution by Employee reports

When reconciling EOM the totals for the month are helpful on all reports. Currently no totals show on the Super Contribution By Employee and Pay Details reports. It's annoying to have to calculate these manually.
6 months ago in Reckon Web / Payroll 1 New idea

Remove the cheque numbering

As the majority of payments made are via EFT, the recording of cheque numbers is unnecessary. This is a very outdated part of Reckon software. Very tedious to have to remove the cheque numbers from every transaction.
6 months ago in Reckon Accounts Business / Desktop & Hosted 0 New idea

Week ending date + Hours Worked to Payroll Summary Report

The 'Payroll Summary' report is missing two major details. Week ending date - the date showing at the top of the report should be the week ending date not the payment date. This is important for reporting and review purposes. Hours worked. This is...
10 months ago in Reckon One / Payroll 2 New idea

add hours, sick & annual leaves & employee no to payroll summary & pays reports

No description provided
3 months ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 New idea

Document attachments to bank transactions

When you are in bank transactions, you need to save the transaction, then go into Reckon transactions, find the transaction and then attach the document. It would be logical to be able to attach the document to the transaction in the initial stage...
about 2 months ago in Reckon One / Banking 0 New idea