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Reckon Product Ideas
Make a difference by sharing your ideas with the Reckon product development team. Your votes will directly influence the product roadmap and help guide our products future direction.

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Announcement: September 2023

We are currently well underway building our next-gen user interfaces, starting with Payroll web and mobile (released), Invoices mobile (released) and soon, advanced Payroll, Reckon Mate enhancements, and Time web.

Where appropriate we'll add features from the Product Ideas Portal to both old and new interfaces, or, where new is replacing old, we'll add to the new range only.

Thank you for your patience - whilst we understand building new interfaces and products takes longer than adding a feature, we are certain the new designs will ultimately provide a better experience for all our customers.

The Reckon Product Team



Invoices & Bills

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Ability to add credit card surcharge percentage to invoices

It would be great if we could do up an invoice as normal and then because the customer wishes to pay by credit card we could then enter the Bank percentage charge to the invoice instead of having to manually calculate and enter the figures on the ...
over 1 year ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Make the invoice header custom note field editable

Would like the header custom note field to be editable on each individual invoice like the note field in the footer section. This will allow for specific delivery instructions to be added near the delivery/ship to address.
4 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Add the paid date to invoices

Add the paid date of an invoice so that when i go into my paid invoices I can quickly see when they were paid without having to go into the "view history" screen.
over 3 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 1 New idea

App to scan & upload bills/receipts

You have an app to create & send invoices & apply payments, it would be great if you also had an app (either separate or as part of invoice app) that allowed us to scan and enter a bill and apply payments as well as scan a receipt & en...
9 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 2 New idea

Invoicing ability to multi-select invoices and email several at one

Instead of having to send invoices individually and save each one to show as sent, multi select the invoices for the month and send all with one click
7 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Increase the font size of banking details on an invoice template

Need to be able to increase the size of the font just the banking details on the invoice, this is very important to avoid mistakes. and not increasing the font size on the actual invoice items as it is set up you can only have every thing get bigg...
10 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Auto inclusion of Payment Details

Add editable bank account details automatically in 'Payment Details' area of Invoice forms to save money and reduce risk of inserting incorrect bank payment details.
5 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Add Direct Debit to payment method under suppliers

We have a bill being repiad monthly and the compnay proceeses a Direct Debit through our bank
10 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Allow attachments to be sent with invoices/estimates

Ability to send photos, certificates etc with invoices and quotes
over 4 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

When previewing invoice templates, it should include the uploaded company logo

This will allow users to see their logo and check if is up to requirement.
about 5 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea