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Invoices & Bills

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Use invoice number OR customer name to allocate receipts

Bank receipts often come in with the invoice number as reference. It would be helpful to be able to allocate by searching either invoice number or customer name rather than go to the invoices page to find out who the invoice was for.
3 days ago in Reckon One / Banking / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Inventory item Prices

we have customers such as distributors and retail customers. Their price level is different. I had a luxury in Sage One to have multiple price list and default the customer to the revelent price list. It is much easy to invoice as special pricing ...
11 days ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Invoice search bar

Function to search within the invoice section (paid, unpaid and overdue) to find invoices/clients more quickly. Having to scroll is an absolute pain when I have 40+ outstanding invoices to sift through.
13 days ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Add Project selection in Fast Coding

There needs to be a column for Projects in the Fast Coding section to enable expenses to be coded to projects.
about 2 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Customer Groups

Create a customer group field for customers so they can be grouped by a common boundaries such as locality, wholesale, retail etc. The custoemr group could be added to the customer ribbon so customers could be sorted by Customer group. As a scout ...
3 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Option to design own invoice, bill and pay slip templates

This would allow clients who moved from desktop ranges to reckon one have that feature which they are already familiar with and expecting the same in reckon one.
over 7 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills / Payroll 2 Planning to do

Add Bills to Recurring transactions

As we all have a lot of recurring bills this would be a great feature.
about 5 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 15 Planning to do

Customise receipt numbers

It would be useful to be able to line the receipt numbers with those in the paper receipt book, so being able to amend the starting receipt number would be beneficial!
3 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills / Other 0 New idea

Receive confirmation when sending invoices by e-mail

No description provided
about 1 month ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New idea

Automated email reminders for outstanding invoices

Reckon One should automate the process of chasing up outstanding invoices. Users can define when invoice reminders are sent (e.g. X days after issue), what text to include in the email reminder and whether to attach the original invoice. Automat...
almost 8 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 1 Planning to do