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Reckon Product Ideas
Make a difference by sharing your ideas with the Reckon product development team. Your votes will directly influence the product roadmap and help guide our products future direction.

Please note all new ideas remain hidden from public view until reviewed by our team.

Announcement: September 2023

We are currently well underway building our next-gen user interfaces, starting with Payroll web and mobile (released), Invoices mobile (released) and soon, advanced Payroll, Reckon Mate enhancements, and Time web.

Where appropriate we'll add features from the Product Ideas Portal to both old and new interfaces, or, where new is replacing old, we'll add to the new range only.

Thank you for your patience - whilst we understand building new interfaces and products takes longer than adding a feature, we are certain the new designs will ultimately provide a better experience for all our customers.

The Reckon Product Team



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Payroll reports need the option to scale to fit to page/s

When printing a Payroll Summary Report for example, you cannot scale the report to fit to one page wide in landscape orientation with columns spilling over to a second page. You currently need to export to Excel then print to a PDF telling Excel t...
about 4 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 Implemented

Missing key accounts on Chart of Accounts

The standard Chart of Accounts is missing 2 key accounts, Wages & Salaries (should be a sub of Payroll expenses) and Telephone. Can these be added to the backend so when a book is created, they are there and don't need to be created.
about 5 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 Implemented

TFN Declaration - Electronic submission

Electronic TFN declaration should be part of ReckonOne. If you have the Payroll Module you should have this feature. It would save in having to mail original forms to ATO. All the information is contain within the employee set up information. So i...
about 5 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 10 Implemented

Calculate Superannuation on Annual Leave Loading at users discretion

There are no settings in the Superannuation or Annual leave item setups to include annual leave loading in the superannuation guarantee calculation. It [admin edit: can be] a requirement that super be calculated on annual leave and leave loading a...
over 5 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 11 Implemented

Add field for PAYG Withholding number

For people without ABNs but require the payroll functionality, there is no field to capture our PAYG Withholding number. I would like to put it on the payslips and I'm pretty sure that when it comes time to do the annual payment summaries it will ...
almost 6 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 1 Implemented

Import timesheet data for payroll

All employee time worked is calculated in a spreadsheet based off the roster for the week. I then have to enter all the hours for each employee into Reckon One Payroll. If I could simply upload the hours then review in Reckon this would save a lot...
almost 6 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 10 Implemented

Connect to the new HMRC API developer hub

HMRC are currently updating their dat connection service to a modern API service: see details here: Note: Reckon UK has registered the product 'Reckon One UK' as an app...
over 7 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 Implemented