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Please include a function of capturing supplier invoices & receipts from my mobile phone and store this with the transaction.

I have lots of small receipts but I don't want to loss them, if I can use the Mobile Phone App to take photo and link that invoice to the transaction that I code from the App that will be great. Then when I open Reckon One on my computer (Anywhere) I can see the invoice attached.

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  • Mar 24 2019
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    Jason Hollis commented
    30 Jun 04:11am

    Hi Paul, yes actually I have stuffed this up :) > will fix now. Thanks for pulling me up. ** I have also adjusted the title as its a bit misleading.

  • Guest commented
    29 Jun 06:10am

    hi Jason, given we (and likely others) have voted for this idea based on our interpretation of the idea (as an improved mobile expense capture proposal), it would make more sense to consider the vote tally here in line with our interpretation as users.

  • Guest commented
    26 Jun 01:31am

    Hi Jason,

    YES, completely agree. This feature (designed correctly) will be very very popular with Trades People on the go all day. Will enable Reckon to significantly cut into Xero's dominant market share.

    It must be made easy, simple and included in the Users subscription (i.e. not an extra cost).

    My current scanning/storage method is labour intensive & not sustainable long term;

    1: I buy something for the business (e.g. Fuel).

    2: I scan it straight away using 'Scanner Pro' on my iPhone.

    3: I reduce the size of the scanned file to minimise storage (e.g. MB to KB's).

    4: I upload it to my iCloud Storage.

    5: At end of day, after arriving home, I then locate that receipt in iCloud & Reckon One 'bank feed', then reconcile that receipt in Reckon One.

    6: I rename scanned receipt with date etc, then move into FYE quarterly folder....

    = too much effort.

    Would be fantastic if Reckon One can automate some (or all) of this process?

    Sincerely, Nick.

  • Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2020 07:56am

    I transferred to Reckon from Wave, and they also had an app which enabled me to take a photo of a receipt on my phone, and subsequently link to the nominated account.

  • Guest commented
    28 Mar, 2019 04:14pm

    Yes, I would like something similar to the Xero app where you can take a photo of the receipt and link it simply to your bank feed (or cash account).