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"From" name in email should be less spammy

The current "from" in emails looks highly dodgy. I can't email clients direct from Reckon because a) it goes to the Spam box and b) they don't think it looks authentically from me because of the spammy "from" name.

Attached is how it shows up in the inbox.

Please make this something much more normal!

  • Guest
  • Oct 7 2021
  • Unlikely to be implemented
  • Oct 8, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi Lara. We get this question a bit. Unfortunately it's not an easy solve as this is how the majority of cloud accounting apps send emails as we use an email service, rather than your email client (unlike our desktop applications). We have been whitelisted regarding DMARC so our emails shouldn't end up in someones spam. This is likley not because of the senders domain, but the content / wording of the email.

    In the future we'd like to integrate back to our users email account, however every time we look at this, the question is, so we just do google and microsoft? What about users on other services. As I said, it's a tuff one to solve, for everyone.

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