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Email selections for Invoices & Classifications

I run two separate businesses with separate business names under the one company with combined financials. It would be great if I could select different email addresses to send invoices from depending which trading name I was using - which could be selected by classifications (as i use them to try to separate the entities) or by selecting with specific invoice templates. ( i have to use different templates currently to get my banners and details for each trading name. This is a functionality that is pretty basic and could definitely be rolled out as part of the development of classifications which is still a next to useless feature at the current implementation.

Currently I have to use two different invoice templates, and remember to change them depending on which trading name/business unit I am invoicing from, then I have to save the ones from one entity as pdfs and then attach them in my normal email to send from the appropriate address. The other one I can send from the invoice page because it uses the primary business email.

I am sure I a not the only user with a company that has separate business units with different trading names and contact emails.

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  • Jul 8 2020
  • Unlikely to be implemented
  • Jul 10, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Riick. Reckon One is not designed to run multiple entities under the one book. In fact this could lead to complications around ATO reporting.

    That said, we are currently investigating how we can LINK multiple books together under a group type structure and hence facilitate simpler inter-group transfers and billing etc...

    I will mark this as "will not implement" however please don't take that as "this is a bad idea" - we simply want to solve it another (better / compliant) way.

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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    12 Jul, 2020 10:52pm

    Hi Rick, the ATO issues I mentioned above were from OUR perspective so apologies for the misunderstanding. We do not have the ability to split BAS and payroll by multiple trading entities regardless of the group structure. Each book is 1 x ABN/Branch combination and hence why at our price structure, if we can build a seamless inter-book relationship this will be a much better outcome for those with your business configuration.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2020 12:34am

    Thanks for the response, a bit disappointing as the reply is not correct inthe case described. There are no ATO reporting issues for small businesses running a mixed business with more than 1 trading name. I would never run them i separate books because its only 1 company and there is no group structure.

    Regardless, simply allowing more than one company email as a selectable item in emailed invoices seems a very simple thing to implement with no ramifications for reporting or anything else.

    I guess its just another trade off with the cheaper price of Reckon, it simply doesnt have the functionality of better and more expensive software.