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Option to rename/copy Invoice Templates

In 'Hosted' I was able to create brand new templates.  Usually a copy of the Default template then modified.  I appreciate that Reckon One does not provide the Designer but It would be helpful to either be able to copy one of the existing templates (with their fixed layouts) and then rename it or be able to rename the existing templates.

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  • Jul 15 2019
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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    20 Aug, 2019 09:02pm

    Hi Gavin, we definitely want to add an invoice design tool (once we find one we are happy with - easier said than done) - this will solve your issue and is the best way forward we feel.

  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    20 Aug, 2019 09:00pm

    The comment above relates to Reckon Accounts not Reckon One. To answer - yes you can achieve this by ensuring the template is named so it is first in the list.

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    Guest commented
    15 Aug, 2019 04:25am

    I have exactly the same "problem". I have customised a template, now it is saved as "Copy of: Reckon Service Invoice" and I always use that one, but I would prefer if it was the one coming up automatically, so I don't have to change it each time. Can that be done?