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Ability to change invoice numbering at any point in time

As a Reckon One user I want to be able to change invoice numbering at any time, not just before the first invoice is added.

Use case: Migrating from another app and want to match the invoice numbers.

I know this may go against local tax authority rules, but it is my choice whether or not I make changes.

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  • Mar 28 2017
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    Guest commented
    16 Jan 04:35

    Yep.  First problem I noticed when trialing Reckon One.  Noticeably missing, especially when you're changing to Reckon One and need to enter invoices from the old system.  Very frustrating

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    Guest commented
    10 Jul 07:11

    We have migrated to Reckon One from Reckon Accounts Premier simply because the company I work for  uses customised engineering software for quotes, costings, purchase orders, invoicing etc and doesn't need the power Reckon Account Premier. Reckon One presents a saving and is all that we require for accounting purposes. However I NEED to be able to change the invoice numbers in Reckon One to align with issued invoice numbers. The fact that I cannot change invoice numbers is simply bizarre, I could do so in Reckon Accounts Premiere  - I am left completely red faced on this one.

  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    11 Jul 05:35

    Hi Clare. It's actually quite common for systems to lock invoice numbers once the starting number has been set. In fact Reckon Accounts has been criticised over the years for allowing invoice numbers to be altered. The good news, we think this is a great idea and want to introduce the flexibility of Reckon Accounts. Based on votes I suspect we'll start planning this change later this quarter.