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This is for Reckon Personal Plus - could you make an online product for this, rather than standalone licence for a PC

This would mean I can access the Personal Plus from anywhere and not have to go in through my PC

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  • Jan 9 2020
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  • Jan 13, 2020

    Admin response

    An online version of Personal is in our plans but not immediate as it will be a completely different product, not an online version of the current product. The ability to host windows applications online can be achieved by using a hosting service, of which many exist.

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    Jason Hollis commented
    21 Jun 11:04pm

    Hi Jonathan. Unfortunately we just aren't receiving enough requests for this to be a priority for our team at the moment. However, strategically we are making our first move towards this with our new banking / income / expense application starting the design process early next half. We will be sending feedback forms to all desktop personal users in the coming months to help guide what we build to ensure there is enough want and need for this type of product.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jun 03:38am

    This is very frustrating - there have been many people asking for this since at least 2017..How hard is it to make a version of Reckon One that can handle investments and portfolios.. The platform already exists - shouldn't be that hard.

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    28 Mar 07:35am

    Have been checking in every 12 months or so, hoping to see info on a cloud version of Personal Plus. I know the market is small in Aus, but remain keen to know whether I should hold on using Personal Plus, or move to Reckon One (and lose the ability to track stock and superannuation investments).

    I have 20+ years of data in Personal Plus, and keen for a solution - but will need to look outside the Reckon tent soon if I can't get clarity on the timing of the cloud roadmap. I understand that we are not a big market in Australia, but clarity would be helpful so we can decide the best option for users like us.

  • Guest commented
    8 Sep, 2020 07:21am

    Yes, Its already been too late....

    Great competitive products around. Reckon/Quicken is been there for a while, please don't get grandfathered.

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    1 Sep, 2020 12:19am

    Yes, I am keen to have a product that I can use online or on my iPad. I do most of my of day to day on an iPad and this would be useful, especially if I am travelling. I then don’t have to bring the laptop as well.

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    28 Aug, 2020 06:01am

    Make it Home & Business with share updates so

    I can run it my iMac & iPad

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    28 Aug, 2020 12:22am

    you are taking money for nothing at the moment, your software si so far behind what is available these days it is a joke, yes build a cloud version that allows bank transactions to be automatically downloaded from your bank (open banking)

  • Guest commented
    27 Aug, 2020 11:38am

    Happy for even if ongoing open access is provided to my current data with the current PP2020 edition - WITHOUT updates.

  • Guest commented
    27 Aug, 2020 04:43am

    we don’t give a rats patootie if the software is online or standalone, JUST GIVE US A PRODUCT THAT IS SUPPORTED AND UPDATED!!!! We are charged an exorbitant fee to renew for a 10 year old product. All we have been asking in these threads is if Reckon bought the Australian business solely for its business software and not the personal users who have been loyal for decades. If you provide the software online all we need is assurance our data is safe and that we get our fees worth of product and product support. We matter 😔

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    27 Aug, 2020 02:05am


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    27 Aug, 2020 01:07am

    As Reckon are no longer providing support for PP, this proposed product is desperately needed. Please make it compatible with Home & Business files

  • Guest commented
    26 Aug, 2020 07:26am

    An update on my trial:

    I have found that Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2020 works quite well if the data files are located in NextCloud. You would need the software on the computer you use to access it, but the file access seems to be quite seemless compared to being a file on your local desktop. My trial of NextCloud is operating from a server in Sydney and I am located in Brisbane.

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    12 Aug, 2020 06:35am

    As a current user of RPP I totally support an online version. Not only for just the reason of being able to access from anywhere but also far easier when obtaining a new pc and also improved security of data/backup etc. Whilst I like all the current functionality of RPP it really does need to get into the current world (this from a 77 year old - no comments please)

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    12 Aug, 2020 05:29am


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    11 Aug, 2020 06:45am


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    7 Aug, 2020 05:51am

    YES PLEASE. Anyone who uses Accounts Personal Plus for the investment functionality would benefit from the online access and this would enable sharing of the file.

    The only thing out there that is close is Sharesight plus XERO with their links, but the Reckon application is better in my opinion.

    I am about to experiment with using Reckon Accounts Personal Plus in combination with NextCloud.