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Re-allocation of expenses and income entries when an entry is posted to the incorrect account.

It would be really helpful please if the user could reallocate an expense or income item when an incorrect posting  has occurred. Once the bank account is reconciled, the only way to reallocate an incorrect posting is to undo the bank reconciliation, which is really time consuming and annoying.

Rather than having to post journal entries to correct the error it would be much neater to reallocate the entry. Also your errors wouldn't be so apparent to anyone looking at your accounts. 

It would be appreciated if you could look into this!

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  • Aug 13 2019
  • Already exists
  • Aug 15, 2019

    Admin response

    When we updated our reconciliation in late 2018 we removed most of the restrictions around changing reconciled transactions. As long at the date, amount and bank account remain the same you can re-allocate GL accounts as required. In other words you no longer need to un-reconcile the transaction.

    Nb. Locking the bank or book will of course not allow any changes.

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