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Status Unlikely to be implemented
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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 7, 2023

Delete archived items

I'd love to be able to delete old items that are unused/archived to clean up the accounts properly, especially once said items have not been used in over a year and still pop up in reports and stocktake lists etc.

Could we please see a feature where archived items can be deleted after a set amount of time regardless if they have been used in transactions? Perhaps they could be replaced with "deleted item" in any future reports or if we needed to go back to an old invoice from years ago (very rare I would think).

    Aug 7, 2023

    Hi Leah,

    Unfortunately this cannot be achieved due to database integrity constraints (where the item has been used in any type of transaction perviously). You can MERGE items (into a single archived item) which will not change the value of previous invoices, however the best and most common practice is to create a new database (QBW company file) and import only your active list items. This is common when lists, transaction volumes or QBW file size becomes large.

    Also refer to this previous idea: RAB-I-18

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