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Add Multiple Inventory Locations via Advanced Inventory Setting in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.

It was with great disappointment after upgrading from Premier to Enterprise to find out that Reckon doesn't have the Advanced Inventory Settings feature like they do in QuickBooks Enterprise, especially after contacting support prior to the upgrade.

In this day and age where inventory is sent to multiple different warehouse locations, whether it be your own or a 3rd party warehouse, (Amazon Seller Central for example) it is difficult to believe that the Advanced Inventory Settings feature isn't included in the Reckon Accounts Enterprise package.

I'm not 100% sure what the fallout was when Reckon took over the QuickBooks Australian arm of this package, but when the "company file" location still comes under a "QuickBooks" folder, there still must be some ties there to the QuickBooks company.

So my suggestion would be to add this already existing Advanced Inventory Settings feature from QuickBooks to Reckon Accounts.

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  • Sep 16 2021
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    Jason Hollis commented
    16 Sep 04:56am

    Hi Chris and thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. Reckon was always the vendor in AU/NZ for QuickBooks desktop / hosted. The end of the agreement with Intuit only saw a name change of the product. The code is the same, and is licenced to Reckon. That said, as this occurred in 2013 we no longer have access to their source code and have not for almost a decade. There are also some extremely advanced options with our key add-on partners such as Ostendo and Fishbowl eg bin picking, multi-location / multi-warehouse, BoMs, auto-replenishment and so on - years worth of development.

    We will definitely have advanced inventory at some point in the Reckon range as its been an active discussion point many times, however the fact is we get very few requests for it to warrant the investment.