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Add bill without Inventory

Some times we have to pay a bill before we receive the goods so it would be good to show this

You have, received bill with inventory and received inventory without a bill.

What about received bill without inventory

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  • Aug 20 2021
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  • Aug 20, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi Vanessa. We'll keep this idea open for others to consider, however in the meantime there is a well established process for this, especially when ordering goods from overseas (our Accredited Partners developed this process mainly for that purpose).

    Basic process

    1. Create a current asset account called Goods in transit ** Often the business will create this as a Type = Bank account

    2. Create a cheque to pay this supplier (or use bill / pay bill) however for the account, use the Goods in transit account.

    3. When the goods arrive, create a bill for the inventory, however pay the bill using the Goods in transit account ** If you created this as a bank account, it's easier to pay the bill through the normal 'pay bills' process.

    nb. Regarding Tax and GST consequences, especially for goods from overseas, please consult your qualified advisor.

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  • Guest commented
    8 Oct 06:22am

    this workaround from reckon is a tedious answer to what should be a simple task.

    Why not a simple recieve bill without inventory function?

    With so much being purchased online and advance payments mandatory more and more this is becoming a difficult task to track shipment status.

    Of course there is the flood of emails from supplier and courier telling you who was the last person to touch it and it'll be there soon and it is there now and didn't we do good? and please take a couple of hours to complete our customer satisfaction survey and etc that we all eventually treat as junk since it is about 100 emails for every 15 orders...

    Please reconsider creating this function