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Announcement: September 2023

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Status Already exists
Categories Desktop & Hosted
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 20, 2020

Search Items when creating an invoice using any word, part of a word or description, rather than having to write the exact item, starting with the first word.

Everyone Invoicing that searches for items from a huge database

    Aug 21, 2020

    This functionality already exists. See the example below where only the lowercase middle section of the word was searched, yet was able to find a match in the invoice description.

    Also make sure you DO NOT have the search parameter set to summary as this will not search the invoice detail.

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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis
    Aug 21, 2020

    OK thanks for clarifying as that's definitely different. Apologies for that. I'll update your description slightly as well if that's ok.

    As for this functionality, it does exist, however it isn't from the invoice directly, and is only available in Enterprise and Premier versions. ** This also works for receipts, purchase orders, bills, cheques, credit cards, estimates and sales orders.

    In the item list, search the item using any character. You can also narrow the search parameters, or search within results.

    Once selected, copy the item (Ctrl + C) and then paste it into the invoice item column (Ctrl + V). Quite honestly it's unlikely we'll change this given it's been the same way for 20 odd years (the copy and paste option).

  • Guest
    Aug 21, 2020

    Sorry this not what I'm asking for.

    If you are producing an invoice and searching for an "Item" in its column, you need to type in the exact item beginning with the first word for Reckon to be able to find it. It you don't type it in exactly, it defaults to "add new item"

    Eg if i'm searching for a "Double Power Point" and i dont write "Double" first it will not find this Item.

    I should be able to write "Power" and all the possibilities with that word in it, come up for me to choose from.

    Pretty basic search query i would have thought. Been using this for 22 Years, cant believe it has never been implemented. Its the only thing i cant stand about Reckon Hosted. Makes searching for things so much harder.