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Add all listed bill info to Remittance Advice

I create one Bill to list all invoices received in a month for a supplier. When I create a remittance advice it only states the Reference Nbr and total of the bill. Can there be an option for a Remittance on the Bill paid as well as the Supplier?

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  • Jul 23 2020
  • Unlikely to be implemented
  • Jul 24, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi. We get why you do this, however it's not how bills are designed to be used, and hence the remittance is correct when used as designed.

    The best you could do is create a custom report that lists the line items and their reference, and attach a pdf version of this to your remittance.

    nb. We do not recommend creating one bill for all bills as this has tax ramifications if you are on accrual accounting for example, and also means if the bill has taxed and non-taxed items you will need to create 2 lines for each invoice, which would be confusing on a remittance.

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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    7 Aug, 2020 05:29am

    No problem Antonina. Thanks for understanding. We need to draw the line somewhere, and edge cases that go outside of the broader design of the app usually fall outside of that line. Really appreciated your feedback whilst working through the problem. Cheers - Jason.

  • Guest commented
    6 Aug, 2020 06:34am

    Thanks Jason for the information on database size, I will continue to use the Bill as I have as our database is quite small at the moment. I will consider changing when we move to the online version in the future.

    I have to look further for the report you suggest “Purchases Journal by Supplier Detail report” and “Bill Journal” as I cannot find them in the desktop version I have (Accounts Plus 2020). I have found another report called Transaction Report which I’ll look deeper to make some modifications as that may work.

    I understand about being flexible hence my questions as I have developed databases with an IT team in my previous roles in my career. I’m only making suggestions that would make my life easier but know that there is always a work around that I need to make work for me. If I don’t ask the questions then I’ll never know if my life would be easier lol ☺.

    Thanks for your help.


    Antonina Certoma

  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    30 Jul, 2020 08:55am

    Hi Antonina,

    Here are some answers based on your notes / questions:

    a) Does more bills take up more memory than 1 long bill (paraphrased) ? No. One long bill with many linked transaction lines uses more memory to run, and more database processing for reports as bill LINES is a different table to bill HEADER. In short, many bills with less lines is better for the database and memory.

    b) What report would you run to create a pseudo remittance? A modified "Purchases by Supplier Detail report is best, filtered by the transaction number. This will require you to use items and not code directly to the ledger. If you use GL accounts then you are limited by GL codes. If that's not ok, go to the bill and run the bill journal and customise.

    c) I will give this ago however sounds a little time consuming to create pdf’s and attach to remittances. Yes it will however as I said, the system isn't designed to be used the way you are using it so a bit of give and take will be required.

  • Guest commented
    30 Jul, 2020 01:05am

    Thanks for your reply, however adding invoices (sometimes up to 10 invoices) from a supplier for a statement month on one Bill has worked very well for us for the last 7+ years. I first tried having each invoice created on individual bills as you suggest, however looking up reports for specific dates was getting too confusing, where I just look up the supplier and open the Bill for the statement month and I have all the details I need. Plus it is a bit of waste if you have multiple invoices on separate Bills for one statement period, doesn’t this take up more memory??

    How do you create such a report as you suggest? I will give this ago however sounds a little time consuming to create pdf’s and attach to remittances. A supplier just wants to know what was paid for which invoice number, the tax doesn’t change the gross amount paid. The supplier should have their tax/non tax amounts on their system for their tax purposes just as we do as a supplier on individual invoices created.

    Antonina Certoma