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Add Tax code option to the deposits

The bank deposits should have the tax code column option similar to journals, bills, etc. You cannot use the deposits if you need to record a bank transaction with a tax code. This is important to show all revenue transactions with the correct tax code in the BAS reports, otherwise, it will be excluded and it is easy to omit them from the BAS. Many thanks in advance for considering and implementing.

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  • Jun 25 2020
  • Unlikely to be implemented
  • Jun 25, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Marcos. This is definitely not the first request for this over the years, however I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news as it will not be implemented.

    The Reason

    A DEPOSIT in Reckon Accounts is the process of depositing funds into a bank account where the revenue and tax has been recorded in the source transaction. Examples are:

    • EFTPOS transactions where revenue is accrued throughout the day however they show as ONE AMOUNT on your bank statement. you DEPOSIT these individual transactions - usually created from UNDEPOSITED FUNDS.

    • Depositing cash and cheques received during the day (or days), again usually in a batch.

    To receive revenue and hence show income vs tax liability, you must use an invoice or a sales receipt.

    The only pain point is you need to create an ITEM and that goes back to the original code base we can't change. In fact in the app Reckon built from scratch (Reckon One) we allow items or GL accounts to be entered on a receipt, so we are aware of the limitation.


    • You can edit a sales receipt template to show minimum columns to make entry much quicker, have a tab order that suits you, or even memorise (but don't recur) so you can create in a flash.

    • Create items that mirror your GL income accounts.

    • If you need to include sales with deposits, simply select UNDEPOSITED FUNDS as your bank in the sales receipt.

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  • Guest commented
    29 Jun, 2020 05:11am

    In the Sales Receipt, is it possible to add a second tab (like Write Cheques). One tab would be called Items (which is the current format for Sales Receipt) and the other tab would be called Income and would allow the direct allocation of income to the relevant account, including allocation of GST etc.

    This would be consistent with the format for Bills, Write Cheques etc and would make logic sense in Reckon Accounts. It would also resolve the issue of being able to correctly allocate income including GST without the need for creating an item or creating a General Journal.