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Ability to Find & Replace Text

Ability to Find & Replace Text

Like in Excel or Word the ability to Find and Replace text. Ability to Find & Replace in whole transaction, or if that cannot be done then the ability to Find & Replace in all line items.

Currently have to copy & then laboriously highlight and then paste the replacement text in each line separately in a transaction. e.g WE03Mar2020 to next week WE10Mar2020 for each line.

I often use template aka memorised transactions then amend for current transaction.

Would be useful in :

1. Cheque/Check Payments with multiple lines e.g Payroll noting the period paid

2. Customer Invoices, e.g change the month name in the description, especially if has multiples lines.

3. Supplier Invoices, e.g change the month name in the description, especially if has multiples lines.

4. General Ledger Journals

PS: a spell checker in this new ideas window would be good too. And for the Idea Management software mysteriously not noting the New Idea., pressed “Share Idea” and it just disappeared…

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  • Mar 26 2020
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  • Mar 26, 2020

    Admin response

    Thanks for the feedback for a new feature.

    As for the ideas portal, we use a managed service by Aha, and being web-based you need to ensure you have spell check enabled on your web browser. If set up correctly you'll see spell checking as you'd expect (see example below) .

    As for seeing the idea straight away, we deliberately do not do this for obvious reasons (foul language, SPAM etc..). You will receive an email advising that our administrators check each post. Once reviewed we make the post live if it is acceptable. We've added some text to the portal home page to make this a bit clearer.

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