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Announcement: September 2023

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Status Unlikely to be implemented
Categories Desktop & Hosted
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 17, 2019

Adding STP to the "Icon Bar"

Generally clicking on 'view' then 'Add ****** to the Icon Bar',  we get the open window added to the Icon Bar.  Currently, when doing this with the STP window open, it adds 'Process Payment Summaries' to the Icon Bar.  A glitch I am hoping a patch can be issued for.

    Aug 24, 2022

    Update 25-Aug-2022: Due to STP phase 2 as mandated by the ATO we are making significant changes to payroll for the FY23 release. As part of these changes the above idea will no longer be relevant as our customers will receive a seamless payroll to ATO submission process as part of the release.

    Update 30-Aug-2020: As payment summaries were to be discontinued in 2021 from within the product, the dev team re-purposed the payment summary screens and logic for STP. Although this saved us some time, it meant certain aspects such as shortcuts could not be used for STP as we are calling the payment summary object. That was OK given we were moving to STP only in 2021.

    However, we have since had an overwhelming number of requests from our accredited partners to keep PS until 2022 at least. These leaves us with the option to rebuild STP to allow for shortcuts, or wait until the 2022 release to again review payment summary removal. With some really nice, yet substantial features due for 2021 such as document attachment, we have decided to review this idea request again for the 2022 release.

    We totally understand this is annoying.. it's annoying for us too, however the work to fix is not minor due to the re-purposing of payment summaries as previously mentioned.

    : This is a BUG and has been reported to the dev team.

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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis
    Jul 5, 2020

    Hi Stephen, due to the limited votes we prioritised other features and bug fixes over this issue for the 2020 release. It's always a fine line and we can't fix everything unfortunately. This bug has been selected for the next release.

  • Guest
    Jul 3, 2020

    Come on guys - this has been going on for too long!!