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Have the ability to exclude the OVERDUE STAMP from an invoice template

I would like the ability to exclude showing the overdue stamp from an invoice but still show the PAID and other status stamps.

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  • Jun 21 2019
  • Planned
  • Jul 10, 2019

    Admin Response

    There are 3 ways to exclude this stamp.

    Edit your invoice template and deselect the 'Print Status Stamp' option.

    If you still want to print the another stamp like PAID, make a duplicate of this template and rename them accordingly. eg Invoice NO stamp, Invoice WITH stamp. It's a very simple task to change templates when creating, sending or printing an invoice.

    The third option is to ensure you set a due date. Even if you do not want the user to see a due date, you can simply add it to your screen and not the printed version.

    To do this, edit your template and select Screen for the Due Date.

    Where you never want the Overdue stamp to appear, set the due date for something like 1/1/2050. Generally the Due Date is not active by default and this is what has caused most of the confusion based on the limited support requests we have received so far. This is especially true for those businesses who use a COD term. ** The term can still be COD and appear on the printed invoice even though the due date in the system is 1/1/2050.

    Finally, we have redesigned this stamp for next years release to be smaller and with a transparent background.

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    Guest commented
    09 Jul 21:55

    I would also like the ability to exclude the overdue stamp, Is there a way we can take it off?

  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    10 Jul 22:15

    Hi Mark, we have added 3 options in the 'admin response' above.

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    Guest commented
    18 Jul 00:33

    I have nothing against the "Overdue" Stamp. It is just a bit too big in the middle of the Invoice. Can you make it smaller and not soo overpowering. Thank you.

  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    18 Jul 04:13

    Hi Gitta, The good news is we'll be making it smaller and it will be a nicer design in next years release.

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    Guest commented
    18 Jul 04:31

    Why cannot we as your end users have the option of switching on or off these various stamps not just the whole lot, a simple tick box in the designer layout would be simple enough, this could be dependent on the particular business needs so making it more effective to us, the fact that you added the stamp without public consult was an error, I have customers upset over the overdue stamp on invoices, I have stopped the stamp on printing/emails which now also stops paid too so a no win design fault.

    The responses to the questions of make it smaller/lighter is i believe not the answer these people are after.

  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    19 Jul 05:27

    Hi Gary - this feature was introduced due to overwhelming user feedback - see Whilst we accept your feedback please ensure it is factually accurate for the benefit of other users who read this thread. The response in regards to size was directly related to Gitta's question above.

    We will continue to monitor user feedback and have offered several solutions for those not wishing to see this stamp. Unfortunately due to the original design of the system having an option to show / hide individual stamps is not something we can easily achieve - we would have definitely done that if it were.