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Created on Jul 25, 2018

Duplicate a Quote, Invoice or Purchase Order

When similar jobs are being done in mass being able to duplicate a quotation or invoice would save truckloads of time.

    Jul 25, 2018

    The ability to duplicate transactions already exists. The process is:

    1. Create the form (Invoice, Estimate, Purchase Order etc...)

    2. Right-click the form and select Memorise form name (in this case, Tax Invoice)



    3. Select Don't Remind Me and give the memorised transaction a meaningful name. In this case we want to save a template for invoices to Mary

    4. To create a new form (in this case, invoice) based on the template, go to Lists Memorised Transaction List, find the template and double-click it (or highlight it, and click the Enter Transaction button).

    ** Make sure you change the date of the form.



    If you don't want to save the template, a good practice is to memorise the form and give it a name like ***DELETE***. You then create the new form off the template however the *** means it will be the first memorised transaction in the list (if the list is sorted by name) and the DELETE name will remind you to delete the template (memorised transaction) once used. 

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    Oct 21, 2022

    I understand the option of saving an invoice, sales receipt, cheque... into 'Memorised Transaction lists' and that is a helpful feature but my list is growing and super long already. I don't want to add another one every time i just need to make a quick copy of one invoice, sales receipt or a cheque entry.

    I do miss the ability to just simply copy a cheque or invoice that has been already entered and I just want to make a copy of for another entry. Say for example I have a invoice made for a customer 6 months ago and they are coming back using same services, it would be extremely helpful to just being able to copy the invoice as is and adjust from there for new invoice.
    I already have a massive list of Memorised Transactions and don't want to make a memorised transaction for a one invoice. The process of saving it and then going back to open it and adjust it is very slow, and requires a lot of extra time. A simple right click option and duplicate would be extremely appreciated and safe a lot of time in the process. Also when training new people it would help them to be able to see how it was done in the past and just copy the old existing entry and adjust as needed.


Please make "duplicate" available in Purchase Orders

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Copy or duplicate purchase order

The ability to copy or duplicate a purchase order is more beneficial to me than memorising a purchase order - I don't need all the extra "functionality" that memorising brings I just need a quick and dirty copy/duplicate purchase order
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Copy Invoices

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