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Status Completed awaiting release
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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 27, 2018

Have the ability to make non-billable the default timesheet setting

I would like the ability to mark customer / job time as non-billable by default rather than billable on Reckon Accounts timesheets.

    Jan 8, 2024

    Thankyou for your interest in this idea. We are planning to add a new preference in our next release that will allow you to choose whether Timesheet Entries should be Billable or Non-Billable by default.

    I was hoping to gather a bit of further feedback regarding this enhancement and would appreciate it if you could read the below and let me know your preferred option, or any further feedback you may have.

    Currently in Reckon Accounts, when you enter timesheets for an Employee, that time defaults to being billable. If you enter timesheets for a Supplier or Other Name that time defaults to being non-billable.

    Considering the above, should the new preference: -

    a) Only apply to Employee time, all Supplier and Other Name time will remain as non-billable by default.

    b) Apply to all time entries, regardless of whether they are for an Employee, Supplier or Other Name


    c) There should be two preferences, one for Employee time, and one for Supplier/Other Name time

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  • Guest
    Jan 9, 2024
    Option c
  • Guest
    Jan 9, 2024

    Option C please, two preferences thanks.

    Suzanne :)