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Print a receipt when payment received from customer

Most of our customers require a receipt when payment of account is made and we are currently having to purchase receipts from an outside source and implement into our system.  To be able to print straight from the "Receive Payments" would save a lot of double handling and added expense and paperwork.

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  • May 25 2018
  • Planned
  • Sep 7, 2019

    Admin Response

    Update: Currently in development for the 2020 release and will include the ability to print AND email the receipt.

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    Neil Rustidge commented
    May 31, 2018 05:42


    Its not exactly a Payment Receipt, but as a workaround, from the Receive Payment window, you could click the History button and then click Print on the History window, this will print details of the payment including a breakdown of the invoices it has been applied to.

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    Guest commented
    June 21, 2018 03:14

    Also check a post earlier for same issue.

    I like the added options in that post even better.

    But having more than one suggestion regarding printing payment receipts and emailing them should show the need for it to be made available. It's been something I have been writing and suggesting about for 4 years. I would think it's about time to have a solution for that.

    Editor note: This link is for a Reckon One suggestion not Reckon Accounts.

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    Guest commented
    August 17, 2018 02:15

    I am still hoping that someone in software development  picks up on this idea of being able to print from the recieved payments window to issue reciepts for payments made on invoices.  Especially when partial payments are made.  It has been a while.  Some feedback would be great.

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    Guest commented
    11 Apr 05:52

    Yeah, under consideration. At least it's moving forward a bit. This idea has been there for over a year and also has other posts that are asking for the same solution. We have been working around this issue for years now and would really appreciate if that would be implemented very soon. At the moment we are using adjustment notes (because they can be emailed out) and we made an adjustment note template that says receipt on it. I found you can create a payment item and that then allows you to treat it like a payment on invoices. The sad part is that it looks very funny on a statement because it says credit note rather than payment and the amounts show up as minus dollar amounts and are confusing for customers.
    i really hope this is getting implemented fast since it seems such a basic function to be able to print a payment receipt or email it to the customers.
    thanks guys

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    Guest commented
    05 Sep 06:21

    Yes, I am often asked for a receipt and have to manually write one. Having one print out or email is a necessity.