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Status Unlikely to be implemented
Workspace Reckon GovConnect
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 18, 2022

Make it easier to under the "branch" when setting up Single Touch Payroll

It would be helpful if there was a help icon/popup in your form for connecting to the ATO explaining that “GST Branch” is the same as the “branch ID” on the ATO portal, and the same as the “branch number” in the Reckon book settings.


When setting up GovConnect ("adding a new tile"), the term “GST Branch” was confusing.

When I first tried to connect I didn’t realise that the GST Branch option was relevant/needed, and I didn't know I even had one. I didn’t expect that my STP (which relates to employee PAYG) had anything to do with GST. I spent several hours trying to figure it out talking with the ATO and using Reckon support to resolve it.

    Jun 29, 2022

    We will be retiring GovConnect within the next 6-9 months and have added a new flow to our newest product, Reckon Payroll which resolves possible confusion. This flow will be available to all payroll users needing to submit STP.

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