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Timesheets to include project - is included in payroll section

[Edited by Reckon based on Customer's comment response] Need Project option in time sheets - it is in the Payrun section (without needing the medium module) so why not in the Timesheet (without needing the medium project module) - In all the years of running a business, have i'lI costed anything by Client it is always by project..

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  • Oct 17 2021
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  • Oct 18, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi Wayne. This already exists however you need to be on the medium module tiers.

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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    20 Oct 04:31am

    Gotcha. Thanks Wayne for clarifying. I have updated your description.

  • Guest commented
    19 Oct 07:04am

    I knew that - What i was saying is that projects is included in the payroll section without the extra cost so why not in the timesheet for pay runs - which has nothing to do with charging clients per project its to do with cost checking - a dew things are disjointed with reckon