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Set stay logged in timeframe/single click login

Firstly it would be an advantage if once we had logged into Reckon One, we were able to stay logged in. For many businesses there is no security issue and it should be something the user can change even if the default is a timed log out.

Secondly the login process itself is ridiculously clumsy, it should be a single page/single click login, having to reload to login, then be taken to a login page, enter details, then be taken to a page to select my service, when I only have one, and then click on that to get to my actual Reckon One home page is crazy.

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  • May 12 2021
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  • May 14, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi Rick. Our timeout is 12hrs. I'll get support to contact you as it sounds like you are experiencing shorter logout periods? This shouldn't be happening.

    Answering the second part of the question first, the login process is very clumsy, we agree, but the good news is we are working on a completely new login experience which will take effect starting July (with our payroll app) and then roll into other apps through the second half of the year, including Reckon One.

    Answering the first part of the question, it is industry best practice to have an automated timeout where "sensitive" data may exist. This is to protect yourself, and Reckon. You will find this is common in accounting software, and in fact some of integration partners (add-ons) insist we have a timeout or they will not connect to us.

    Some information, like employee data, is obviously sensitive and we have some pretty tight gov restrictions on login and timeout requirements. If you don't hold TFNs and DOBs etc.. then other information, such as your customer's details, can be deemed a privacy breach is those details are compromised.

    It is for this reason we must enforce a timeout, but as I said, it should be every 12hrs, so we'll be in touch.

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  • Admin
    Jason Hollis commented
    14 May 06:03am

    Unfortunately we cant remove auto-timeout.. if we want to stay connected to the likes of the ATO that is. I understand why you'd want to though. Wait for the new login and hopefully it will make it less intrusive ** Note the new login will also play nicely with password managers, so that should help as well.

  • Guest commented
    14 May 05:24am

    Hi, thanks for the quick response, that is good news about the better login process.

    I realise why many organisations would want an auto log out and I would expect that to be the default, but there would be many others like myself running small businesses with no emlployees have no need to be logged out and it would be nice if it were user adjustable.

    At least it will be less of a PITA once the new login process is rolled out!