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Reckon Product Ideas
Make a difference by sharing your ideas with the Reckon product development team. Your votes will directly influence the product roadmap and help guide our products future direction.

Please note all new ideas remain hidden from public view until reviewed by our team.

Announcement: September 2023

We are currently well underway building our next-gen user interfaces, starting with Payroll web and mobile (released), Invoices mobile (released) and soon, advanced Payroll, Reckon Mate enhancements, and Time web.

Where appropriate we'll add features from the Product Ideas Portal to both old and new interfaces, or, where new is replacing old, we'll add to the new range only.

Thank you for your patience - whilst we understand building new interfaces and products takes longer than adding a feature, we are certain the new designs will ultimately provide a better experience for all our customers.

The Reckon Product Team



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Add filter for selected chart of accounts in P&L

The Account Inquiry report has an option to filter the report by selected accounts. The same option in the P&L would allow me to create a smaller P&L for a sub-set of accounts. For example, I have an investment property for which I would l...
about 3 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Proper Detailed report for P&L on Projects

Require Detailed report for job costing = invoice by invoice and wages allocated at moment cannot see anything but a summary which is useless as we cannot verify that costings have been allocated correctly for auditing purposes Maybe you can add a...
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Ability to save report settings

No description provided
almost 4 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Items sales report

A report that summaries sales for a period by item. Quantity of each item and total value. Maybe include a optional filter for only selected items. Could be a detail report as suggested in another post.
over 1 year ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Audit trial report

I would like to run a report that consolidates all change logs (history) in Reckon One. This report should have multiple filter options including User, Date, Transaction Type, Change Type etc...
almost 6 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Add Print Button to Bank Reconciliation page

This is a logical thing to do. It would have saved me a lot of time searching for how to print out the Bank Reconciliation Statement. i.e. "exporting it" was not intuitive. Thanks :)
over 3 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Tracking Capabilities in Reckon One

Hi, Just wondering if you can add tracking categories to Reckon one so that you can track different business locations or machinery types (track both income and expenses). Is this something in the works? Would be a great feature.
over 5 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 2 New idea

Improve Reporting Options in R1

Would be nice to be able to see Columns for Debits, Credits and Running Balances in account transaction reports instead of just an opening balance at beginning of period, all transactions in one column and a closing balance at the end. I have atta...
about 2 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Ability to rename P & L report to "Report of Income and Expenditure"

There are many organisations such as social groups who only require details of their income and expenditure, they not being a profit making enterprise.
about 2 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea

Sort Accounts List Export by Account Code, not Account Name

That's how it should work! Yes, typically for expenses, they should align, but not all sections do, e.g. Balance Sheet, COGS, Income, etc
about 2 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 0 New idea