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Make a difference by sharing your ideas with the Reckon product development team. Your votes will directly influence the product roadmap and help guide our products future direction.

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Announcement: May 2022
We are currently well underway building our next-gen user interfaces, starting with Payroll (already released) and soon, Invoices and Time. Where appropriate we'll add features from the Product Ideas Portal to both old and new interfaces, or, where new is replacing old, we'll add to the new range only. Thank you for your patience - building new interfaces and products takes a lot longer than adding a feature, however we are certain the new designs will ultimately provide a better all-round user experience for all our customers.

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Reckon One

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No log in from History tab

I've noticed that I can access Reckon One straight from a last viewed page in my internet History even though the page has been closed and I have logged out of the Reckon One portal page. It seems to be a security issue if my laptop was lost or st...
over 1 year ago in Reckon One / Other 1 Implemented

Email address as option to display in contacts screen

It would be beneficial to be able to add email address to the view for the contacts screen instead of having to drill into the customer/employee. Especially helpful for employees.
over 1 year ago in Reckon One / Other 0 Implemented

Payroll reports need the option to scale to fit to page/s

When printing a Payroll Summary Report for example, you cannot scale the report to fit to one page wide in landscape orientation with columns spilling over to a second page. You currently need to export to Excel then print to a PDF telling Excel t...
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 Implemented

Bill list sorting

I think that the bill list should be sorted by the due date (ascending) as default. It would be more useful than the current status.
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 3 Implemented

Status watermark - Approved

This water mark is not wanted by all clients. We have the Approval Process turned off (disabled) but the status now appears on the Invoice when printed whether you want it there or not. I have opened PDFs of Invoices from last year and the status ...
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 Implemented

Add a new search term for "between"

Rather than using a multi-search condition such as invoices >= $80 and invoices <= $90 it would be quicker and simpler to use a condition such as invoices between 80 and 90 or invoices >80 and <90 to achieve the same result.
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Basics (core) 0 Implemented

Ability to set the monthly thresholder for SGC super

The Hospitality Award requires the monthly threshold to be set at $350, unlike the standard award threshold of $450. As well as this, most shearers require super to be paid on ALL payments regardless of whether they have reached the threshold - as...
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Reports 3 Implemented

Hide Closed Bank Accounts from Bank Transactions Dropdown

Currently any closed bank accounts still show up in the dropdown selection menu on the Bank Transactions tab. For example, see attached image. The cash and petty cash accounts are closed but still showing in this menu.
over 2 years ago in Reckon One / Banking 0 Implemented

UK Compliant Payroll

As a bookkeeping package I feel that the product has the potential to be introduced into small and medium sized businesses as it is clean, tidy and not as complicated to use as the 'usual' suspects. However, where such businesses have employees th...
about 3 years ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 Implemented

Would like it if invoices showed up as emailed with a date.

When emails are sent for invoices it would be great if there was an icon beside paid/unpaid/overdue etc to show that it had been emailed and on what date.
about 3 years ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 1 Implemented