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Announcement: May 2022
We are currently well underway building our next-gen user interfaces, starting with Payroll (already released) and soon, Invoices and Time. Where appropriate we'll add features from the Product Ideas Portal to both old and new interfaces, or, where new is replacing old, we'll add to the new range only. Thank you for your patience - building new interfaces and products takes a lot longer than adding a feature, however we are certain the new designs will ultimately provide a better all-round user experience for all our customers.

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Add images and logos to a report

It would be useful to add a company logo to a report which is generated within the software for the purposes of an external stakeholder. For example a bank of leasing company requesting a YTD P&L.
3 months ago in Reckon Accounts Business / Desktop & Hosted 0 New Idea

Automate it so that the STP is exported directly to the ATO from the Users desktop or cloud service

Once it setup automate it so that the STP is exported directly to the ATO from the Users desktop or cloud service All users would benefit as it would be a seamless transaction and would also reduce the time for logging the STP.
6 months ago in Reckon GovConnect 0 Planned

Increase display size on data entry screen

The display size on the data entry screens (e.g. bills) are very small. Altering font size in Windows 11 does not increase the size of the fonts on these screens. They are hard to see after looking at the screen all day.
3 months ago in Reckon Accounts Business / Desktop & Hosted 0 New Idea

Select multiple Bank Transactions to apply the same account

On the Bank Transactions screen i regularly use the ‘allocate payment’ option to cost a number of transactions to the same contact & account. It would save a large amount of time if we could choose the contact & account, then select multip...
23 days ago in Reckon One / Banking 0 Planned

Adding a comments field to pay runs.

Sometimes you need to be able to explain why certain things have occurred. A comments section would be useful.
almost 4 years ago in Reckon Accounts Business / Desktop & Hosted 3 New Idea

Import Customers and Vendors

Add the ability to import Customers and Vendors. I would be up and running a whole lot quicker rather than waiting for a Reckon Team Member to import these things for me, up to 5 or more days after getting started.
about 2 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 0 New Idea

Future Leave

Under Employees it would be useful to have a section to add in future leave that the employee has applied for.
5 months ago in Reckon One / Payroll 0 New Idea

Instead of due date in Bills Paid tab, use date paid

Instead of due date column, replace with date paid column in Paid tab in Bills. Why need to know due date when it is already paid?
3 months ago in Reckon One / Invoices & Bills 1 New Idea

Copy address details

It is very time consuming to manually copy address details to the postal address, shipping address, etc. Looking for a button that says "use same as in postal address"
10 months ago in Reckon One / Basics (core) 0 Planned

Allow imported bank transactions to be split

We receive inbound payments using a bank feed. Some of these payments need to be allocated to multiple customer accounts. Currently it is not possible to do this in Reckon One. We would like to be able to split a transaction to multiple contacts w...
over 4 years ago in Reckon One / Banking 19 Planned