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Ability to manually start a Sync

I want to be able to manually start a sync with my connected data source.
about 1 year ago in Reckon Insights / Data source / Management app 0 New idea

Add a way to disable the Failed Sync Emails

No description provided
12 months ago in Reckon Insights / Management app 0 New idea

Include Book Count for Configured and Available books in Insights Management Tool

Inside the Insights Management Tool it should show a count of the total number of Books that are Configured with Insights and that are Available to be configured to Insights. All books should be ordered Alphabetically.
about 1 year ago in Reckon Insights / Management app / Visualisation 0 New idea

Ability to Manage by User in the Management Tool

At the moment, you can manage by Data Feeds or Folders. It would be great if you could also manage by User. Eg, select a User and see all the feeds and folders they have access to and change those permissions
about 2 years ago in Reckon Insights / Management app 0 Planning to do